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Boosters of the Year

Thank You to all of our Boosters! Here is a list of our past boosters of the year.

2024 .... TBD

2023 Liz & Jim Schutz

2022 Mico Jakšić

2021 Mary Schauer

2020 Concert Canceled

2019 Maggie Pesut

2018- Kenn Werner

2017-Patsy Lucas

2016- Rudy Pesut, Jr.

2015-Nancy Pozgay

2014- Bob and Pat Groh

2013- Ivo Kuchan

2012-Joyce Werner

2011- John Movrich Mukwonago Lodge 993

2010-Patsy Lucas

2009- Carol Movrich Gedde

2008- Maggie Dermody

2007-Granicari Adult Tamburitzans

2006- Jerry "Brico" Poborsky

2005- Russel Werner

2004-Michael "Misko"Jurkovich

2003- Anna Beshensky

2002- Joann Rudolph

2001- Annmarie Ulm, Lenny Lukarich

2000- Nada Beshensky

1999 Wilma Movrich

1998- Paul "Doc" and Loretta Lucas

1997- Lorraine Dermody

1996-Paul Lucas

1995- Mike and Anka Stivoric

1994-Ethel Bolka

1993-Anna Lebar, Joe and Stephanie Pozgay

1992- John Movrich, Don and Joan Kutz

1991- Steve and Mary Jurkovich

1990- Nick and Maryann Vukusich, Steve and Mary Fusek

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